A Few Facts About University City, Missouri

University City, what fun!  University City, nicknamed “U City”, is cool and quirky, stylish and stunning, old and new, academic and artsy.  It’s residents are students, professors, musicians, artists, shop owners, entrepreneurs and financial backers…who like to dine al fresco on sidewalk or rooftop, listen to music, shop, go to the movies, learn about the areas rich cultural heritage or teach the nation’s top students and the cultural diversity of the neighborhoods.

University City is home to the Delmar Loop, Blueberry Hill, The Pageant, the old Tivoli theatre and Washington University.

Most of the historic architecture of this streetcar suburb remains along the southern half of the city along Delmar Boulevard; while northern portions of the city, developed after WWII, has a more suburban feel with many shopping centers and automobile-centered development.

The main campus of one of the highest-ranked and most renowned universities in the United States, Washington University, is located southeast of University City.  The university has influenced attitudes and mores in the southern part of the city, considered one of the most liberal communities in the St. Louis areas.

The University City School District is separately managed from other school districts in the area. The school district is being aided by Project Appleseed in a $15-$20 million capital campaign to improve the high school facilities and establish them as the major recreation center for a large portion of St. Louis County.

This ethnically diverse, middle income community is enjoying rising home values due to a newly renovated business district and increased popularity in the St. Louis area as a destination spot for shopping, dining, concert and evening entertainment.

University City is a unique community that has much to offer.  Residents currently living there would not consider living anywhere else. 


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