A few facts about Twin Oaks

Once upon a time, so they say, two large oak trees stood near what is now the intersection of Crescent Road and Crescent Avenue, in what is now the Village of Twin Oaks.  But what is certain is that folks have been living quietly in this village for over 70 years, and although small, it offers a comfortable lifestyle with easy access to a variety of local businesses, shopping, doctors and dentists, pharmacies, restaurants and entertainment.  There’s even the Memory Park Pet Cemetery.  In short, Twin Oaks is a combination of small town, suburban amenity and great city service.

One of the most popular features of the town is Twin Oaks Pedestrian Park, near Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church on Big Bend Road.  If includes a playground, a pavilion, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, walking paths and even a lake.  The park also offers gardening and forestry tips and many community events throughout the year, like holiday parties, movie nights, dance nights and volunteer days. 

Twin Oaks youngsters are served by the Valley Park School District.