A Few Facts About Maplewood, Missouri

Maplewood, located in mid-St. Louis County is a great place for young, singles either just starting their careers or young entrepreneurs with visions of owning their own business.

Sixty percent of the 8,688 residents are single and only 11% are families with kids.  Most residents have a high school diploma with a small percentage completing college.  The median income of $33,897 is an indicator of why only 37.35% are individually owned with 52% of homes in the area rented or leased.  Home prices are reasonable.

Those are just the facts, and the facts don’t convey the fun and charm of the area.  Maplewood attracts fun-lovers from throughout the metro area.  Maplewood’s destination businesses include award-winning world  class restaurants like Monarch Restaurant and Acero to the fun and fabulous The Focal Point, Boogaloo, Schlafly Bottleworks, The Jive and Wail Dueling Piano Bar, The Black Cat Theatre and the legendary Saratoga Bowling Lanes.

Major Employers:

The cities of Maplewood and nearby Richmond Heights have combined their school districts and Parks and Recreation services (PARC) in order to provide the best service economically.

Maplewood is the place for you and your best friend.  The Maplewood Dog Park attracts dog lovers from around the Metro area.  A great place for Maplewood singles to meet other lovers…uh, dog lovers.




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