A Few Facts About Huntleigh, Missouri

Residents of Huntleigh enjoy a quiet, almost country-like atmosphere, in the heart of St. Louis County.

Huntleigh is an affluent, community of just over 100 families.  Nestled between other well-know St. Louis County communities of Ladue, Frontenac and Kirkwood; Huntleigh prefers to keep its 750 acres of rolling hills and woods strictly residential, with no commercial or industrial development.

In the early years the Huntleigh countryside was perfect for horseback riding.  In 1927, prominent Huntleigh citizens Edward E. Bakewell Sr. and August A. Busch Sr. founded the Bridlespur Hunt, a fox hunting club on Squires Lane.  St. Louis County land development forced the club to move several times and it now resides in Lincoln County.  However, to this day, several Huntleigh residents maintain stables.

Huntleigh has a higher than average concentration of families living in the neighborhood.   The majority of residents have earned either bachelor’s or advanced college degrees.  Most are professionals with a median household income over $224,694 in 2007.  Some of the most influential people in the St. Louis call Huntleigh home.

Homes in Huntleigh often more like estates in size and grandeur.  The median house or condo value in the area is almost $1.5 million (2007).  The city has put in place building requirements that will help maintain this standard; among them, no home or other structure may be erected or altered so as to encroach with 75 feet of the front lot line or within 50 feet of the back or side lot lines.

Police, Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services in Huntleigh are provided under contract to the City of Frontenac.

If you are looking for lovely scenery, stately homes, influential neighbors and a certain style of living then Huntleigh is a great place to call home.


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