A Few Facts About Grantwood Village, Missouri

Grantwood Village is a lovely, upper-middle class community located south of St. Louis.  Grantwood Village has 871 residents consisting mostly of married couples with families.  The median income for a household is a healthy $103,083 with mean prices for all housing units coming in at $389,330.  Even though average income and housing costs are higher, Grantwood Village residents enjoy a general cost of living that’s 9.9% lower than the U.S. average.

The Affton Chamber of Commerce office is located within the Village and the Village contracts with the St. Louis County Police Department to provide police protection.  Grantwood maintains all public islands, park areas and streets within the Village.

Children in the Village attend schools in the Lindbergh School District or once of the five popular parochial schools:

Grantwood Village annexed two unique areas in the early and mid-60s.  Forest Haven boasts 11 park-like “Islands” and Old Grantwood is home to the Bird Sanctuary. Each neighborhood has a homeowner’s association, The Forest Haven Association and The Grantwoodians, and each plan events throughout the year.

Most of the Village was once part of the larger plantation owned by Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant’s family.  Grantwood Village is surrounded by history with three major historical attractions within its borders; The Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site with White Haven, Grant’s Farm and Grant’s Trail.

The Village is an active community with engaged and neighborly residents; it truly is a unique place to live.