A few facts about Creve Coeur

Driving through Creve Coeur you’ll immediately notice that it’s a modern community.  Everything seems new.  Busy, too, because this town is on the go, home to hundreds of business, shops and restaurants.

Actually, Creve Coeur is a major business community not only because of its central location, but also because of city hall’s business-friendly manner.  Home to the Monsanto Corporation world headquarters and important in technology, life sciences and health services, the city also boasts eight of the largest IT consulting firms and two of the largest banks in the St. Louis area.

But it’s not all business.  There are many quiet, attractive neighborhoods, no less than seven parks offering a huge variety of recreational opportunities, and quality educational institutions such as the Parkway School District.  Creve Coeur residents are proud of their town and of their top-notch municipal services.

By the way, Creve Coeur is French for “broken heart.”  They adopted the name because once upon a time, so they say, an Indian princess unlucky in love with a French fur trapper, ended her misery by jumping from a ledge high above what is now Creve Coeur Lake




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