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Sept. 8, 2007

Countrywide slashes up to 12,000 jobs – What does this mean for St. Louis real estate?

Loan originations will be 25% lower in 2008.

Countrywide_hq_2 Struggling mortgage lender Countrywide Financial Corp. announced as many as 12,000 jobs will be cut over the next 90 days.  This dramatic announcement was made via a company statement released late yesterday.

The cuts represent 20 percent of its workforce ...

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Sept. 6, 2007

Good or Bad for Saint Louis MO Real Estate - If the Fed Changes the Federal Funds Rate?


The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) meets September 18 and Wall Street’s financial wizards are in a quandry on what to expect as far as a change in the Fed Funds Rate (FFR).

Will the Federal Reserve leave the rate as it stands now? What are the implications ...

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